Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

  • To be treated with dignity and respect irrespective of your colour, creed, age, medical condition (including disability) or sexual orientation.
  • To be afforded the highest standard of medical care possible within the resources available.
  • To be referred to a specialist or therapist if appropriate.
  • To have a second opinion if that is appropriate.

Your Responsibilities

  • To treat all members of our staff with courtesy regardless of their colour, creed, sex, age or any disability.
  • To arrive in good time for your appointment.
  • To cancel any appointments you do not need. To cancel an appointment, please use our Cancel an Appointment Triage.
  • To use our emergency services for medically urgent problems only.
  • To discuss no more than one problem per consultation.
  • If more than one patient needs to be seen, please book one appointment per patient.